Sustainability at Infyshine Technologies Pvt Ltd

                                                                     Committed on Social and Environmental Concerns as much as on Business.

                                                                            Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Framework – People, Planet and Profits.

One of the biggest causes of concern is in the misdistribution of wealth. Over a third of the world still live in poverty with limited access to energy, water or food.

      Infyshine always strives contributing its best possible way to help poor and weaker section to raise and compete. We believe in poverty poses great risk of lower cognitive development, education attainment, increase reliance on public benefits. 

Low-income Citizens do not fully exercise their rights. Infyshine believes Education is one of the best weapons eradicating the poverty. 

       Children who grow up in poverty underperform in school, have limited access to higher education, and are less likely to be prepared for the high-skilled jobs of the future. With significant chunk of the nation’s children living in poverty, Infyshine is impelling future generations of workers who will be needed to lead the countries productivity and competitiveness.

Economic inequality is not sustainable. Need of reforms to create greater opportunity for all and reduce the number of poverty-stricken families. Infyshine takes its responsibility in contributing towards people and reducing poverty line. 

      Infyshine admires protecting our planet by contributing to green revolution. Nature and humanity have an inherent relation and it should be protected. The planet has to be preserved so that humans can survive and evolve.

People should have access to abundant water, food and energy, as well as protection from severe storms and climate change impacts. Healthy and sustainable worldwide economic growth from renewable products and resources;

       A sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

Infyshine believes in policy of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Green philosophy will enable us to defend the planet against major threats such as climate change. it is the connection that can help us to understand the relationship between human beings and nature and defending the planet for a sustainable future.

We strictly stopped using plastic bags and we encourage environment friendly recycled cloths/paper bags. 

Infyshine determined to plant 100,000 trees in a year across different states and cities. 

We encourage and incentivize our employees using carpooling and Bicycling. 

Economic sustainability  ( Business / Profits / Economy ) 

            Infyshine understands that market-forces and a “business as usual” approach will result in a natural crisis. Economic sustainability aims to maintain the capital intact,  improve the standard of living. It refers to optimal use of min available assets to maintain company profitability over a period of time. It is based on our ability to contribute to economic development and growth. 

Conserving natural and financial resources to create long-term financial stability

Infyshine financial goals is often a core component of economic sustainability because goals help a company decide how to increase profits, provide benefits for team members and continue operations without impacting on outputs.

Productivity is often necessary for sustained economic growth. Infyshine focuses on creating great wealth and increase our staff’s satisfaction by creating competitive wages and benefits packages in a timely manner. It is very important that we ensure making the workplace safer and adopting strong moral values.

We build efficient resources across the Globe to ensure they’re available to future generations to create financial stability and wealth. Reviewing the processes within organization and finding ways to incorporate sustainable practices

Infyshine believe in collaborations and cognitive approach for sustainable financial conditions. We empower our resources to create more opportunities by solving critical economic problems.