Believe in Global digital automation, but Human-capital is above all!!

Infyshine is managed professionally by a highly qualified and qualitative management team with extensive market and industry expertise, exhibiting thought leadership on people practices.

Infyshine is the one stop solution for all your human capital need related services. Established in 2015, It is growing fast and the foremost human-capital supply-chain organization with 3 regional offices in India and 3 regional offices in the US. Not in a hurry to building number on the clients base , our focus is on delivering prompt and quality services to clients we have already acquired.Our core business is providing staff augmentation services and solutions across Industry sectors and diverse functional areas. The majority of our staffing associations are engaged in IT, Healthcare, BFSI and Retail.We emphasis on People, Process, Practices and Technologies to enhance our clients productivity and we take care of their recruiting challenges and let them focus on operating and growing their core businesses.

At Infyshine, we expect to expand the staffing services in order to be a one-stop service provider of human capital services from temporary staffing to SOW and Program Management services. To achieve this, we have adopted delivering the things on-time with quality and consistency that will enable us to match the requirements of our clients with the right human capital.

We are empaneled with some of the best Companies in the industry, with a global footprint for Permanent, contractual staffing, RPO and Training & Deployment.

Permanent Staffing

We, at Infyshine, make our clients and customer comfortable to hire right resources at right time for right objective. Though our primary focus to build the talent within and at our client place on contract, we focus on fulfilling the positions which cannot be outsourced due to project/client challenges as these positions play a very vital role in the projects for our clients.

The submissions-to-selection ratio for our permanent staffing to our clients happens to be 3:1. This is because we understand our customer intensely and work with them as in-house business partners. This will enable us to focus on right candidates from the market especially targeting on passive resources and sell the opportunity as per their career aspiration.

We have solutions handy for Long term staffing needs, whether it is perm hires or Contract.

Our Experts undertake stringent validations following technology-driven recruitment process listed out with criteria’s-based service agreements that weed out all frills in the game of talent acquisition. Stringent skill evaluation, Communication-Skills assessment, TATs and Costs are the most significant elements on our Radar.

Contract & Temp Staffing (Corp-Corp)

We are a seasoned staff augmentation expert team averaging 10+ years’ experience in the Industry and have deployed many resources across the Globe. We provide contract staff on temp basis, with an option to converting them as a full-time staff on pay-roll of clients/customer, after completion of their contract term which could vary between minimum 6 months to 3 years or even more.

The model of deployment is, we staff our internal best talented and skilled resources at client place within short span of receiving the request from our client “1 week TAT”. We engage these resources in our internal projects/products. In case we don’t find required talent within our bench or projects, we scout around the market and target right companies to get them for the client needs. The parameters we consider while scouting are, absolute skill match, TAT-availability of resource, communication skills, competencies, and budget. We don’t just scout for right candidates to attract but we make candidate to understand his potential and career aspiration and guide them towards right path. Thereby, the joining ratio is assured to 90%.

Our mantra of “Right resource for the right job on right time within right cost” just-in-time hiring resources to our client with absolute selection processes.

Huge expertise of our recruiters and staffing partners are lined up to deliver your temp staffing needs irrespective of your most dynamic workloads, Project needs , seasonal peeks and what not.

RPO and In-plant Support

We provide dedicated Recruiters.
We ease our clients bothering by taking responsibility of doing end to end recruitment process by providing skilled and talented human resources, tools, technologies etc., and would represent virtually as our client’s “Talent Acquisition Department”.

We are in process of partnering with the Industries leading companies to provide them with world-class outsourcing services for the best talent acquisition. Our RPO services allow us to partner with small, mid-sized and large enterprises to conquer the best and world-class recruitment functions.

We provide most dependable and trustworthy customizable resources and solutions by combining business domain knowledge and technical competence with proven methodologies to deliver qualitative outcomes in a cost-effective manner to maximize your productivity.

We offer our RPO services to the end clients and staffing agencies with defined processes and practices to ensure both meet their objectives without much bothering about recruiting challenges. Please find our hand out below for your quick reference to make us your trusted RPO partner.

We are proud to announce that the team of experts who worked in similar model in their last service engagement for 10+ years are part of Infyshine team. The benefits out of our RPO services are:

  • Cost effective
  • Resource at client selection
  • Dedicated full time resource to meet the client needs promptly
  • Productivity gain
  • Increased efficiency

We are best known in our network of clients, for scouting, Talent Mapping, and hiring the finest talent in the minimal hiring TAT. With user friendly navigating metrics, we keep an eagle eye on Stake holders engagement and re-engagement to draw out Assured Cost Savings.

Our Databases have no dearth of Talent pipeline.

Training and Deployment / Center of Excellence

We hire resources with Bachelor’s degree on Technology & Science.

Screened on Academic excellence, Aptitude and communication Skills , the selected resources are engaged for 6 weeks with Classroom Trainings on Niche Technologies and make them project ready.
They will be designated as Trainee Software engineers on real-time projects and groomed on Coding exercises, Designing, testing, Deployment, UAT and fine-tuned on processes like Scrum & Sprint under agile methodologies.

On Completion of 6 Months they are assessed for induction at Client Site.

These resources can be deployed on SOW basis or individually. And the model Works on a Fixed Cost on T & M as per clients specifications.