Environmental Care @ Infyshine Technologies Pvt Ltd

           We at Infyshine value our environment and make every employee in the organization responsible to make it friendly and nurture to ensure healthy environment continuity. 

It is very important to make everyone understanding how protecting environment will help our day-to-day life. Environment is for all – Protection of environment by making employees, Suppliers & Clients inclusive. 

A Significant Detriment is Carbon Footprint. 

Infyshine promotes healthy environment by introducing policies like; 

1. Carpooling and sharing

2. Promoting electric mobility. – recycling the outdated vehicles 

3. Reducing fossil fuel consumption like coal, oil and gasoline can help reduce tax burdens for consumers, decrease the costs of environmental impacts and create more energy equity among low-income populations, which can increase economic productivity.

Infyshine CSR committee always tries to focus on below factors: 

Waste disposal 

Waste Less – review and evaluate waste management processes. 

IT Infra lead is responsible for disposal of used toner cartridges

Waste management policies like, Waste-reduction, reuse, recycling and eco-friendly disposal

Food, Water and Energy

•      We at Infyshine have access to abundant water, food and energy, as well as protection from severe storms and climate change. 

Leak Detection & Repair Systems to maintain pipelines, drainage system etc. 

Energy efficiency and conservation

Green Cover

Reduce paper usage by switching to emails, hand dryers etc. 

Print and copy on both the sides, and print only if necessary

Consider environmental factors when procuring goods and services.

We consider the employee adherence of environment policies under performance review and reward them periodically.  

We strictly make employees to follow the best environment practices: