CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) at Infyshine Technologies Pvt Ltd Giving back to the Society


             The managing director of Infyshine Technologies Private Limited personally handles the organization CSR activities. Infyshine partnered with various non-government
organizations (NGOs) to add more value.  

CSR Task Force:

·   Formulate and recommend the CSR policy to the Board

·   Design CSR activities Dash-board for the year and seek approval from the management.

·   CSR Activities Budget recommendation and approval 

   (2% of the Organization net profit)

·   Monitor the CSR policy of the company from time to time; and

·   Plan the short, medium, and long-term interventions required to yield the maximum benefit to the community. 


Requirements for obtaining the certificate:

·   Recommendations of company’s CSR policy

·   Average net profit of the company for the last 3 financial years

·   Prescribe CSR expenditures

·   Details of CSR spending during the financial year



1.  Social awareness

2.  Education support to weaker section kids

3.  Gender equality and women empowerment

4.  Diversity inclusion

5.  Employment enhancing vocational skills

6. Health campaigns 

CSR Dashboard for the year 2022

Sl No Project Title Event from Schedule VII Location of the Project Project Duration Budget Allocated (Rupees) Actual Spent (Rupees) Direct/Third Party CSR Registration # Execution Details Remarks
1 Traffic Signal Awareness Program Social Awareness Visakhapatnam, AP 4:00Hrs 4,000/- 3,680/- Direct ICSR000023 Campaigned at Satyam Junction. Roadshow with banners, hoardings and placards Successful
2 School bags distribution to Govt. Girls primary school Education Support to Weaker section kids Visakhapatnam, AP 02:30Hrs 9,000/- 8,000/- Direct ICSR000024 Campaigned at Akkayapalem Govt. girls primary school distributing 40 school bags. Successful
3 Distribution of Blankets to homeless beggars Social Awareness Visakhapatnam, AP 04:00Hrs 15,000/- 12,500/- Direct ICSR000025 Campaigned at under over bridge where beggars sleep usually without any protection. Successful
4 Free health check-up and distribution of medicine to poor & old poor people Health Campaigns Visakhapatnam, AP 10:00Hrs 5,000/- 6,500/- Direct ICSR000026 Engaged a qualified doctor with similar interest of serving poor for no cost and run the campaign. Successful