Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR) policies @ Infyshine

Business Continuity Plan – BCP

It is a plan of the organization that lays out its capability to stay online and deliver products and services during disruptive events, such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks and communication failures. The end goal is to preserve a company’s financial viability, market position, reputation, and customers, even in the face of a crisis.

Disaster recovery – DR

Even the most carefully thought-out business continuity plan is never completely fool proof. We must understand the fact that no matter how careful we are, disaster can strike any business, anytime, anywhere. All we can do is take proper precaution & learn from experience. Disaster Recovery defines how an organization’s IT department will recover from a natural or artificial disaster. The processes within this phase can include server and network restoration, copying backup data and provisioning backup systems. It includes a pandemic plan as well.

Year 2020 was a watershed moment for us due to the COVID pandemic. Many organizations had to move from Work from Office “WHO” to Work from Home “WFH” model while others had to shut shop temporarily or permanently due to improper business continuity plan.

Both are important elements in IT governance and compliance

Infyshine does not share the full BCP/DR plan, as it contains business-sensitive information and our privacy policy prevents sharing the BCP/DR plan.