Infyshine offers background screening that optimizes your recruiting effort by verifying and hiring the right human capital rather than replacing a wrong hire taken on without verifications. And you will be rest assured for the best and cost effective services. We help our customers and clients with complete ease and matured approach driving result towards the reality in hiring the best resources across the Globe. We help our clients through online application tool www.hrdome.com for all their employable resources background verification services.

It is proven that pre-employment screening is an absolute essential component and part of hiring processes in almost every organization. It is observed that in recent time there is increase in the number of fraud cases and irregularities, it has become mandate for every organization to obtain impartial information from the trusted sources and mitigate any risks that are need to be treated as potential risk.

Infyshine is based out of US at Grand Rapids & San Jose, and Bangalore in India. We provide cost-effective and customized background check solutions through an industry leading, easy-to-use web-based system.

We are a start-up with immense potential of horizontal and vertical growth, and certified, NAPBS and NASSCOM NSR empaneled. It is not only client talk about our services but employees feel that it is very user-friendly to upload the required data. Our team of trained and licensed staff and investigators deliver world-class customer service and user experience with TAT.

You list out your choice of service, We will customize and make you feel cost effective.

Our user friendly web based system www.hrdome.com will guide and allow you to submit orders online and track progress in real time.

We are a global company and background screening reports (alternately called consumer reports) are currently regulated at both the federal and state level. We are in process of accrediting ourselves to NAPBS(National Association of Professional Background Screeners), BSCC (Background Screening Credentialing Council ) and BSAAP ( Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program) and FCRA ( Fair Credit Reporting Act ) compliances.