Infyshine is a ABAC ( Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption ) Compliant organization and operates business with fair practices and with highest level of integrity. We set out our organization stance on all forms of corruption to send a powerful message to our consultants, employees, Vendors/suppliers, Clients, regulatory authorities.

Bribery – Offer, promise, giving, demand or acceptance of an undue advantage for favours that are illegal, unethical or a breach of trust. 

Corruption – A wrong act of an authority, or the organisation through means that are illegitimate, immoral, or incompatible with ethical standards. 

Factors – Making payments, receiving payments ,  providing gifts, hospitality , entertainment, in exchange for inside information of business, or illicit favours, offering employment by concealing information or submitting wrong information, underwriting expenses, abuse of Power, or other significant favours in the recruitment process or Supply chain management are some factors.

We conduct our business in compliance with applicable Anti- bribery and Anti-Corruption Laws, which prohibits improper/ unethical payments or receipts in our business transactions and maintain all our commercials with utmost transparency. 

We do not allow forged agreements and unauthorised rebates. We strive to establish best practices that reflect ethical business behaviours. 

Ethics Team – Our HR Manager is the designated Ethics Officer under whose leadership a task Force of functional heads from each business unit is constituted for a fairer decision making to use good judgment. Ethics Manager monitors the effectiveness and implementation of this ABAC Policy and reviews the Whistle blower Policy from time to time.

The first proof of the practice in active state is that this process is communicated to all employees at the time of joining in the Induction process.  As and how the company grows horizontally and vertically, the same will be communicated to all Vendors/suppliers & Clients too and will be inclusive in the company’s complete eco-system 

Since the time we have evolved, its been past 6 years and we are glad we have not had any instance of Corruption. The company has a certificate of good standing. 

To meet this objective, regular training will be made available to all business units 

ABAC Training

A cloud-based application that allows you to stand up a best-practice program with an established track record of success in helping some of the world’s most respected brands guard against corruption in their complex third-party networks.