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Infyshine Technologies is a Global IT services, Product development, Talent consulting organization providing end-to-end innovative solutions to optimize business performance, efficiency, and competitive advantage. The Infyshine team of experts have thought leaders implementing comprehensive proven technology with the knowledge and experience to analyze and craft result-driven, cost-effective solutions meeting requirements to maximize return on investment. and commitment to continuous improvement.

Our Consulting Services include but are not limited to IT projects services delivery, program management, and contingent Staffing, enabling comprehensive, long-term client partnerships to meet organization goals and requirements for technology value optimization and human resources.

Infyshine works intelligently across the full stack technology providing enterprise, web, cloud, and mobile applications, implementing both open and proprietary framework architectures, accelerating on time, on budget, delivery of solutions to achieve company goals and objectives.

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Our Game Plan

Our primary objective is to achieve the client confidence by delivering on-time with no compromise in Quality for best price. Being said, we have a strategy in place to meet the objective.

The emergent needs from clients changing dynamically. To meet the challenge with more cost effective, we groom the talent in-house on job and client project based learning environment. And deploy resources individually and scrum team model to meet our customer demand instantly. The resources we deploy at our client place are absolute handy and ready-to-perform in the complex project. This is due to the model we drive for learning for our in-house resources and resources we hire from market.

We have resources with 20+ years’ experience and diversified from various industries. The transformation of human capital hiring models been acquired and practiced inherently with proven track record.

We apply the best practices in the industry to source and filter resources that match the client’s prerequisites. And our choice of sourcing from traditional job-boards is the second option always.

Our hiring automation tool Infyshine Application Tracking System (INATS) help with flawless end-to-end recruiting and on-boarding processes to ensure the high quality and visibility of hiring status to our clients and customers. We provide periodical MIS reports to help our customers.

Our staffing practice is globalized. We are transparent to our consultants working at client place on staffing consulting model. Hence, consultants know our portion of revenue out of his performance. This helps us more successful getting consultant on-board as per the SLA and retaining the resource for long-term.

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Martin Appelson joined in Infyshine, Inc as a Vice President of Operations and Business Development for the North America region and will be responsible for overall organizational growth and success.
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Infyshine offers background screening that optimizes your recruiting effort by verifying and hiring the right human capital rather than replacing a wrong hire taken on without verifications.   
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