Permanent Staffing

We, at Infyshine, make our clients and customer comfortable to hire right resources at right time for right objective. Though our primary focus to build the talent within and at our client place on contract, we focus on fulfilling the positions which cannot be outsourced due to project/client challenges as these positions play a very vital role in the projects for our clients.

The submissions-to-selection ratio for our permanent staffing to our clients happens to be 3:1. This is because we understand our customer intensely and work with them as in-house business partners. This will enable us to focus on right candidates from the market especially targeting on passive resources and sell the opportunity as per their career aspiration.

We have solutions handy for Long term staffing needs, whether it is perm hires or Contract.

Our Experts undertake stringent validations following technology-driven recruitment process listed out with criteria’s-based service agreements that weed out all frills in the game of talent acquisition. Stringent skill evaluation, Communication-Skills assessment, TATs and Costs are the most significant elements on our Radar.