Independent Software Testing Services

Infyshine evolved as one of the independent software testing services start-up along with its custom software development practices. The transformation of technologies-need and digitization are taking on an array of disruptive technologies such as SMAC* (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud) and Digital Security to connect with customers effectively and efficiently, the complexity of integrating these technologies has enormously increased. The adoption of full-stack development and DevOps is paved becoming a reality that is breaking down silos within IT arena. Entrepreneurs are considering implementation of (TDD) Test Driven Development as a solution to optimize agility.

And to meet the demanding needs of the emerging markets to ensure flawless customer experience, enterprises need a robust testing methodology and reliable testing cohesive partner.

We provide innovative testing solutions to improve resilience and predictability.

The framework that we have designed and put in practice for migration utilities to lower cost and improve software quality and time to market. The experience in delivering agile testing services ensuring maximum business value.

We focused on the latest technology trends and quality analysis needs, while strengthening our competence in technology areas that includes Automation, Performance, Mobility and Big Data testing.

Software Testing & QA Service Offerings

Software Testing Framework Phases & Activities